Please read the following terms then email, call or write us to rent a drop, thanks.


1) Drops are rented on a weekly basis, including shipping time.

2) Shipping costs are above and beyond rental costs.


3) Any damage to the drop, up to full value, will be assumed by the renter. Damage is assessed by cost of repair time and materials.


4) Drops should be folded and unfolded according to directions provided and done so on a clean surface. Please remember the next person who wants to use the backdrop.


5) Payments will be made in full at least 1 week in advance of rental, including clearing time on all checks. A backdrop is not considered to be reserved until payment is made.


Late fees will be double normal rental prices per week late, unless otherwise arranged ahead of the return date.


Once you have read and agree to the rental terms email us at: or call us at 203-744-7776.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

To write to us: Cheney Designs, 62 Putnam Park Road, Bethel, CT 06801.